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Custom Products Corporation is your trusted provider of MUTCD-compliant traffic and safety barricades! A traffic barricade is a portable or fixed device having from one to three rails with appropriate marking and is used to control road users by closing, restricting, or delineating all or a portion of the right-of-way. Refer to the MUTCD for more information on traffic control barricades.

  • Type 1 Traffic Barricades utilize one reflective panel or rail to notify motorists of construction zones, pedestrian areas, or other potential safety hazards. These signs are typically used on conventional roads or urban streets.
  • Type 2 Traffic Barricades use two reflective panels or rails and provide improved visibility in low light conditions. These signs are typically used on freeways and expressways or other high-speed roadways.
  • Type 3 Traffic Barricades are larger barricades with three reflective rails and often feature a 360-degree flashing light for increased visibility. These road safety barriers and signs are typically used to close or partially close a road.
  • Red/White Stripes: When barricades are used to warn road users of the end of a roadway, the stripes shall be red and white.
  • Sign Placement: Signs mounted on these road-closed barricades and barricade/sign combinations shall be crashworthy.
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