2020 It's Time to Replace your Signs

SIGN LIFESPAN Signs manufactured in or before 2009 with engineer grade or high intensity prismatic are at the end of their average lifespan and need replaced. The 2009 MUTCD set new guidelines for breakaway sign supports, as well as minimum reflectivity, minimum size, legends, symbols and fonts for signs. It is Time to Replace your Signs & Upgrade your Sign Supports! GRACE PERIOD A grace period was established with COMPLIANCE REQUIRED as signs are being replaced or refurbished because they are damaged, missing, or no longer serviceable for any reason. SIGN LIFESPAN Most signs in 2009 were manufactured with Engineer Grade or High Intensity Prismatic. Average Lifespan: EG - 7 years | HIP - 10 years 2009 Fast Forward to the Present Day GRACE PERIOD The grace period for Compliance has ended for EG and HIP signs manufactured in or before 2009; as they are at the end of their life and are no longer serviceable. 2020 MUTCD U.S.DepartmentofTransportation FederalHighwayAdministration VOICE: 1-800-367-1492 • FAX: 1-800-206-3444 sales@cpcsigns.com • www.cpcsigns.com Replace old signage before an accident gets your town on the nightly news! Be proactive, stay in compliance, make our roads safer and don’t be the root cause of another accident statistic. Protect yourself from lawsuits and legal mitigation due to non-compliant signage and sign supports! 2020REPLACESIGNS The breakaway criterion was required to be met by 2019 for all signs and mailboxes within the clear zone of all public and private roads. Breakaway Sign Supports The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), which is the national standard used for all public and private roads open to public travel, states that roadside sign supports in the clear zone shall be breakaway, yielding, or shielded. MUTCD U.S.DepartmentofTransportation FederalHighwayAdministration IT’S THE LAW!!!