FHWA: Making Our Roads Safer One Countermeasure at a Time

Proven Safety Countermeasures ROADWAY DEPARTURE PEDESTRIANS/BICYCLES 1. EnhancedDelineation and Friction for Horizontal Curves 2. Longitudinal Rumble Strips and Stripes 3. SafetyEdge sm 4. Roadside Design Improvements at Curves 5. Median Barriers INTERSECTIONS 6. Backplates with Retroreflective Borders 7. Corridor Access Management 8. Lef-and Right-Turn Lanes at Two- Way Stop-Controlled Intersections 9. Reduced Lef-Turn Conflict Intersections 10. Roundabouts 11. Systemic Application of Multiple Low-Cost Countermeasures at Stop- Controlled Intersections 12. YellowChange Intervals 14. Medians and Pedestrian Crossing Islands in Urban and Suburban Areas 15. Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons 16. Road Diets/Reconfigurations 17. Walkways CROSSCUTTING 18. Local Road Safety Plans 19. Road Safety Audits 20. USLIMITS2 13. Leading Pedestrian Intervals  For more information on this and other FHWA Proven Safety Countermeasures, please visit https://safety.fhwa.dot.gov/provencountermeasures .