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2 Standard Surface Mounted Tubular Markers [BOX of 10]
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2" Standard Surface Mounted Tubular Markers [BOX of 10]

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2" Standard Surface Mounted Tubular Markers [BOX of 10]

Tubular Markers and Tube Delineators Easy Order Checklist view pdf
Tubular Markers are beneficial at locations such as at lane-reduction transitions and curves and provide effective guidance at night and during adverse weather conditions.
  • This Tubular Marker Sold per Box of 10. Some Tubular Markers are available for individual purchase, see Related Products.
  • Tubular Marker Heights (H): (36) 36" | (42) 42" | (48) 48"
  • Tubular Marker Colors (C): (WH) White | (YE) Yellow | (OR) Orange
  • 2 Bands of Reflective HIP Sheeting (R): (2W) White | (2Y) Yellow | (2OR) Orange
  • Standard Features: Surface Mount Base w/One Pin System, 2.25" OD tube and 2 HIP reflective bands.
  • Highly visible, day or night.
  • Remains flexible at extreme temperatures, and returns upright after impact.
  • Approved by most state DOT's.
  • Installation: Base can be mounted to surface with adhesive or bolts, sold separately. The One Pin System means simple installation and replacement of tubes and low maintenance cost over the life of the product.

Surface Mounted Tubular Delineator

About Tubular Markers & Tube Delineators

Delineator: a retroreflective device mounted on the roadway surface or at the side of the roadway in a series to indicate the alignment of the roadway, especially at night or in adverse weather.
Tubular Markers may be effectively used for emphasis of pavement marking patterns including - opposing lane dividers of traffic - dividing traffic when two or more lanes are kept open in the same direction - channelizing traffic in exit only applications - urban turn restrictions - indicating changes of alignment in the roadway - delineating edge of pavement drop off where space limitations do not allow the use of larger systems.

  • Shall be made of a material that can be struck without causing vehicle damage.
  • Day and low speed roadways (40 MPH or less). Requirements: 18" minimum height with atleast (1) one 3" retro-reflective stripe.
  • Night and high speed roadways (45 MPH or higher) Requirements: 28" minimum height with (2) two retro-reflective stripes that are between 2" - 3" wide.
  • Channelizer Stripes shall begin 2" from the top and have 2" - 6" between stripes
    Marker Tube Diameter shall be a minimum of 2" with 2" - 3" outside diameters being the most common.
  • Tubular Markers shall have permanently affixed bases or have weighted portable bases.
    Lane separators shall be crashworthy.
  • In TTC work zones, Tubular Markers should only be used where space restrictions do not allow more visible devices.
Helpful Hint:
  • White Reflective Sheeting separates same direction traffic flow or supplements right edge white lines.
  • Yellow Reflective Sheeting separates opposite direction traffic flow or supplements left edge yellow lines.

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Pavement Markings Guide
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Tubular Markers and Tube Delineators Easy Order Checklist
Tubular Markers and Tube Delineators Easy Order Checklist view pdf


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