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Premium Tuff Post Bike Route Marker & Lane Separator Post with Fixed Coupler & Base

Premium Tuff Post Bike Route Marker & Lane Separator Post with Fixed Coupler & Base

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Premium Tuff Post Bike Route Marker & Lane Separator Post with Fixed Coupler & Base

Use the Premium Tuff Post Bike Route Marker & Lane Separator Post with Fixed Coupler & Base for bike lane delineation to provide a highly-visible barrier within the buffer zone between drivers and cyclists, ultimately improving the safety of our streets and bike lanes.

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  • Bike Route Marker Post Size: 4" Diameter | 36" Tall
  • Post Body Color: White
  • Number of Reflective Sides: 2 - Double Sided
  • Reflective DG Sheeting: White
  • Route Marker: Oval Route marker with bike symbol and number specified at time of order included.
  • Specifications: Tube Delineators have a flattened area designed for the application of retro-reflectivity on one or both sides.
  • The 4" Large Diameter Tuff Post is a high performance channelizer designed to meet the harsh demands traffic delineation while providing a high target value. Furthermore, these 4" diameter posts are more conspicuous than standard posts and raise driver awareness.
  • Tuff Posts hav been tested to sustain 50 impacts at 55 MPH with little damage to the unit and to the impacting vehicle, while remaining upright with no vertical listing.
  • Bike Route Lane Delineators come standard with the Impact Recovery patented reactive spring system that allows the markers to withstand multiple impacts and return to their original position without any vertical listing.
  • MASH 2009 post tested & accepted for reimbursement on federally funded projects.
  • Compatibility: This marker has a Coupler for use with the Fixed Lane Separator Base included in this package.
  • Base Body Color: Green
  • Base Coupler: Fixed
  • Base Size: Curb - 40" x 8" x 2"
  • Reflective Markers on Base Body: White - 2-Way
  • Highly visible and resistant to UV damage and fading.
  • TUFF Curb XLP is a extreme low profile, high performance curbing system designed to endure damaging high speed, high impact applications.
  • Material: Made from solid colored, UV resistant, high density polyethylene (HDPE).
  • Weight: 6 lbs. Despite its light weight, the unique XLP undercarriage rib design can bear 20,000 lbs of static pressure - double the federal single axle vehicle maximum for a single wheel.
  • The one piece design eliminates the need for end caps and by installing the sections 2-3" apart water flows through unimpeded.
  • MASH 2009: XLP base was tested and is federally accepted to 2009 MASH standards.
  • Compatibility: Tuff Curb XLP is compatible with the premium line of Quick Release Markers and Delineators including the Bike Route Marker Delineator.
  • Installation: Install with 2-3 anchors or epoxy, sold separately.
  • Installation Notes on the Challenge of Anchoring to Asphalt: Asphalt is gravel held together with oily pitch ("Bitumen"). Unlike concrete, asphalt will yield to forces applied for extended amount of time. For this reason, the common expansion anchors (which are used on concrete) can not be used for fastening to asphalt. Any expansion anchor installed in asphalt will loosen and fail within days.
Bike Lane Separator

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