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Retrosign GR3 Retroreflectometer

Retrosign GR3 Retroreflectometer

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RetroSign GR3 Retroreflectometer

Assessment Method to maintain Minimum Retroreflectivity

  • The RetroSign GR3 retroreflectometer is a handheld instrument for measuring retroreflection of traffic signs according to U.S. and European standards.
  • The unique triple geometry facilitates simultaneous measurements at various observation angles as proposed by ASTM.
  • The point aperture geometry specified by ASTM ensures realistic and accurate readings replicating realistic driving conditions. Furthermore it enables the user to determine if a microprismatic sign sheeting material has been applied correctly.
  • The photometric filter in the RetroSign GR3 is the most precise, sensitive and durable filter in the world. In combination with the point aperture geometry this gives readings with laboratory precision for all colors and types of retroreflective sheeting.
  • The RetroSign GR3 has a built-in precision WAAS GPS and an attachable RFID reader. Due to its robustness RFID has become the optimum choice for field asset ID tagging and has proven itself superior to other technologies.
  • The RetroSign GR3 is designed to easily interface with current and future ID tagging and asset management systems.
  • The internal memory stores up to 250,000 readings, which essentially means that the instrument never runs out of memory. The Road Sensor Control program, RSC, supplied with the instrument in combinations with the USB interface makes it easy to download data and generate reports.
RetroSign GR3 Retroreflectometer
  • Meets ASTM, CEN, and CIE specifications
  • Measures all types of retroreflective materials and colors directly without correction factors
  • The point aperture geometry ensures accurate readings replicating realistic driving conditions, and high correlation with laboratory readings. It also enables checking correct application of microprismatic sheeting material
  • All colors and types of sign sheeting materials are accurately measured, using only one traceable calibration standard
  • Simultaneous triple observation angle measurements
  • Dual field aperture: 30 mm and 15 mm
  • Unmatched precise, sensitive and durable optical spectral response
  • Built-in precision WAAS GPS
  • Attachable RFID tag reader
  • Automatic stray light compensation
  • Internal storage for 250.000 measurements
  • Low weight and ergonomic design
  • Road Sensor Control (RSC) program facilitates quick USB data transfer, processing, and report generation
  • Calibration standard traceable to independent international master standard
  • Optional extension pole with remote control

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