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Storefront Solutions Shopping Carts & Corral Signs

Storefront Solutions Shopping Carts & Corral Signs

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Storefront Solutions Shopping Carts & Corral Signs

Use the Shopping Cart and Corral Signs to let people know where they can find a shopping cart and where to return the shopping carts.

  • Shopping Carts & Corral Sign Legends:
    (010) Please Return Carts Here
    (020) Please Return Carts Here | Thank You
    (030) Help Keep Our Prices Low By Returning Shopping Carts Here | Thank You!
    (040) Thank You For Returning Shopping Carts Here | We Are Not Responsible For Damages Caused By Carts
    (050) Shopping Carts | Thank You (in Arrow)
    (060) Cart Return
    (070) Carts
    (100) Do Not Take Shopping Cart From Parking Lot
    (110) No Shopping Carts Beyond This Point | Violators Will Be Prosecuted
  • Shopping Cart and Coral Sign Sizes* (XXXX): (1824) 18" x 24" | (2430) 24" x 30" | (2424) 24" x 24" | (3030) 30" x 30" | (2418) 24" x 18" | (3024) 30" x 24" | (4824) 48" x 24" | (6030) 60" x 30"
  • *See drop-downs on products to see sign Shopping Carts & Corral sizes for each legend.
  • Reflective Sheeting (X): (H) High Intensity Prismatic
  • Substrate: .080" Aluminum
  • CPC Sign Designation Group for Shopping Carts & Corral Signs: SLSSCC
  • These Special Legend Shopping Carts and Corral Parking Lot Signs are made from D.O.T. grade reflective and aluminum, using the 3M Matched Component System by a 3M Certified Sign Fabricator, which results in the same 10 year outdoor warranty from 3M as a Federally regulated Traffic Sign!
  • Learn about Digitally Printed Traffic Signs YouTube Digitally Printed Signs
  • Installation Note: Nylon Washers are required to maintain 3M warranty when twist style fasteners are used to mount signs sheeted with Matched Component System Materials.

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