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Here you will find the CPC Signs Catalog plus product guides, literature and safety resource information, as well as CPC Sign forms and applications. Also, find helpful information regarding current MUTCD regulations and federal initiatives.

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Product Category Product Guides and Information Sheets

ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) view pdf
Airport Sign & Safety Products view pdf
Anchor Plates view pdf
Bike Safety: Maintaining Safe Distances view pdf
Break-A-Way Sign & Mailbox Supports view pdf
Brite Max view pdf | digital edition
CABS: Chevron Adjustable Bracket System view pdf
Chevron Solar LED Sign Alert Dynamic Curve Warning System view pdf
Construction Work Zone Products view pdf
Construction Work Zone 48" Signs view pdf
Custom Reflective Sign Blanks view pdf
Custom Decals view pdf
Custom Signs and Graphics view pdf
Custom Street Name Packages, Systems and Components view pdf
Emergency Prep Safety Products view pdf
Enhanced Conspicuity for Roadway Safety view pdf
Enhance Conspicuity for Traffic Signs view pdf
GT-2 Tripod view pdf
GSS-3 Step Stand view pdf
Hi-Visibility Safety Shirts and Vests view pdf
Hand Paddle Kits: Choose Economy, Premium or EZ-Connect view pdf
Incident Management Safety Products view pdf
Incident Management MDI Compact Sign System view pdf
Jumbo Street Name Sign Brackets view pdf
LED Sign Alert Systems, Speed Radar Monitor Signs and Vehicle Mounted Arrow Boards view pdf
OSHA, Facility & Private Property Signs view pdf
Overhead and Pole Sign Mounting Products view pdf
Parking Lot Supply Guide view pdf
Pavement Markings Product Guide view pdf
Phantom Points: Measure Yield and Pennant Signs view pdf
Posts, Brackets and Hardware view pdf
Railroad Crossing Products view pdf
Recreational & Cultural Interest Products view pdf
Reflective Roll Conversion view pdf
RetroReflectometer GRX view pdf
School Zone Safety Products view pdf
Sign Dating Stickers view pdf
Sign Shop Supplies Guide view pdf
Sign Mounting Strapping Kits and Components view pdf
Street Name Signs view pdf
Street Name Signs: Metro & Ornamental view pdf
Stencils: Poly Vinyl for Pavement Marking view pdf | view digital edition
STOP/SLOW Hand Paddles view pdf
Traffic Cone Signs view pdf
Utility Signs & Marking Products view pdf
Utility MDI Compact Sign System view pdf
V-Loc Post Anchors view pdf
Construction Work Zone Guide
Custom Street Name Packages, Systems and Components
Incident Management Safety Products
Pavement Marking Product Guide
Parking Lot Supply Guide
Posts, Brackets and Hardware
Parks, Recreational and Cultural Interest Products
School Zone Safety Products
Commercial Sign Shop Supply Guide

Federal Initiatives

FHWA-SA-09-025 | Maintenance of Signs and Sign Supports: A Guide for Local Highway and Street Maintenance Personnel view pdf
National Requirements for Maintaining Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity view pdf
Federal Rules Impact on Private Property view pdf | Sign Purchase Guidance view pdf
Break-A-Way Sign & Mailbox Supports view pdf
Hi-Vis Garments for Road Crews view pdf
"Greener" Traffic Signs view pdf

Safety Resources

3M Graphics Calculator for Social Distancing COVID 19 Products Quantity Guidance view calculator
NEW!! ATSSA Digital Print Sign Sample Specifications view pdf
Cost Analysis for Minimum Retro-Reflectivity view pdf
Distracted Driver Awareness #CallsKill Take the Focused Driver Challenge go to page
FHWA: Making Our Roads Safer, 20 Proven Countermeasures view pdf
FHWA: Manual for Selecting Safety Treatments on High Risk Rural Roads view pdf
ATSSA: Tech & Innovation / Traffic Signs go to page

ATSSA: Improving Driver Behavior with Infrastructure Safety Countermeasures view pdf | digital edition
ATSSA: Preventing Vehicle Departures from Roadways? view pdf
ATSSA: When Should High-Visibility Safety Apparel Be Replaced? view pdf
ATSSA: Cost Effective Local Road Safety Planning and Implementation view pdf
ATSSA: Safe Routes to School view pdf
ATSSA: Sample Procurement Specifications: Ensure Compliancy with this Tool for Writing Bid Specifications. view pdf
Roadway Safety Foundation's Roadway Safety Guide: A Primer for Community Leaders view digital edition

Forms & Checklists

Artwork Guidelines view pdf
Comprehensive Branding Program view pdf
CPC Standard Color Charts view pdf
CPC Universal Parking Signs view pdf
CPC Powder Paint Standard Color Charts view pdf | digital edition
Barricade Assembly Instructions view pdf
Custom Street Name System Order Form view pdf
Custom Street Name System Vicksburg Package Assembly Diagram view pdf
General Product Order Form view pdf
Hand Paddles: Customized Easy Order Checklist view pdf
Shipment Inspection Report view pdf
Shipping and Receiving Freight: What is the Best Way to Ship Product? view pdf
CPC Standard Finished Street Name Signs Checklist view pdf
Comprehensive Finished Street Name Signs Checklist view pdf
Tubular Markers & Tube Delineators Easy Order Checklist view pdf

2009 MUTCD Guide/Quick Facts

2020: It is Time to Replace Your Signs view pdf | view digital edition
MUTCD 2009 Manual go to link | view pdf
MUTCD 2009: Part 2A.15 Enhanced Conspicuity view pdf | view products
MUTCD Part 7 for School Zones view pdf
MUTCD Guide Sign Fact Sheet view pdf
MUTCD Street Name Sign Fact Sheet view pdf
MUTCD; Notice of Termination of Interim Approval IA–5 (Clearview Font NO Longer Legal) view pdf
Sign Care Guidance and Sign Mounting Solutions view pdf
Before and After the Storm, Are You Ready?
Sign Replacement Requirements view pdf
Sign Stand Buyers Guide view pdf
The World of Stripes view pdf
Quick Facts: MUTCD Did You Know? view pdf
Quick Guide for Breakaway Sign Supports & Clear Zones view pdf
Quick Guide for Construction Zone Signs view pdf
Quick Guide for School Zone Sign Changes view pdf
Quick Guide for Stop Sign/Plaque Changes view pdf
Quick Guide for Warning Sign Changes view pdf

Other Useful Information & Resources

(AASHTO) The American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials go to link
(ATSSA) American Traffic Safety Services Association go to link
(MDOT/LTAP) Local & Tribal Technical Assistance Program go to link
(FEMA) Federal Emergency Management Agency go to link
(FHWA) High Risk Rural Roads (HRRR) go to link
Guidelines Airport Sign Systems (2010) view pdf
Roads & Bridges go to link
Deficient Bridge Report go to link
Sign Guidelines for Forest Service (2013) view pdf
State Qualified Product Lists go to link


Credit Application view pdf
Distributor Application view pdf
Employment Application view pdf

Warranty Information

3M™ MCS™ Matched Component System Warranty go to 3M site link
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