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Custom Products: Shipping and Receiving Freight

What is the best way to ship product?

The cost of freight and potential damage is often a hidden or unconsidered cost in the sign industry. CPC has decades of experience shipping traffic related items. The purpose of this page is to share our knowledge with you and assist you in making the best shipping options for your orders.

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Did You Know?

The following items are generally more expensive to ship and have a higher likelihood of being damaged or lost:

  • Quantity 1 of an aluminum item 48” x 48” or larger, post drivers, post pullers and post puller handles, posts & hardware, cones and channelizers, all styles of barricades, cast iron bases, end of road markers with buttons, sign stands, sign faces, & brackets.

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The best practice with these items is to order them in bulk with aluminum signs or blanks to ensure the best freight price and to decrease the likelihood of damage. CPC has great relationships with several freight companies and can ship signs all over the U.S. at reasonable prices.

Did You Know?

  • UPS has height & weight restrictions on packages 31" x 31" or larger.
  • Oversized packages incur additional fees.
  • Items made from plastic, wood and other substrates ship at a higher rate than aluminum.
  • Items that take up a lot of space but are not heavy also incur higher freight charges.
  • It can be less expensive to ship packages on a truckline. Additional charges will apply to delivery areas such as residential areas, military bases, alleys and other highly congested urban areas. Fees are also associated with special requests like COD’s, lift gate service, and inside delivery.

We Can Help!

When choosing the shipping method for your orders, it is important to consider all shipping nuances and restrictions. This will ensure all your orders will ship in the safest and most economical way. Call a CPC specialist at 1-800-367-1492 to receive complimentary assistance in assessing restrictions and associated costs for all of your orders.


Receiving/Inspection: Based upon your companies receiving policies there are two ways of handling damaged shipments depending on if the shipment was documented or un-documented.

  • Documented: Upon delivery, check merchandise for quantity and carrier damage. Any problems must be noted on carrier delivery receipt. Notify Custom Products immediately of any problems and provide images of the pallets/merchandise as received by the carrier. UPS DELIVERIES: If a package from UPS is damaged instead of signing your name it should be signed “DAMAGED”. This helps CPC to file a claim with UPS. Otherwise, they will not pay a claim. CPC will replace your items at no charge and file the claim with the carriers.
  • Un-documented: If the damages were not noted on the BOL and pictures taken of all damages or if there is damage found after delivery, contact the carrier and request an inspection report. Claims for un-documented damaged goods must be filed with the carrier. CPC will not be responsible for such claims. Claims for lost items will be resolved by scale tickets printed at the CPC dock site. If the printed tickets show that the proper weight of items left the CPC docks, then a claim must be filed with the carrier. If the tickets show that the proper weight of items did not leave the CPC docks then the claim will be filed with CPC.

Tip #1 : Take pictures of damaged pallets/products, as they are received, for claims with the carrier.

Tip #2 : Orders shipped via LTL leave the Custom Products Corporation (CPC) dock with orange tags across the banding. If your shipment arrives with damaged or missing orange tags, please inspect your shipment before signing the (BOL) Bill of Lading.

All Deliveries outside the United States of America: Customers will be responsible for paying all import duties, fees and taxes that may apply to international shipments.

Additional information for most of our product lines is available on this website in the "Resource Library” section. You can also call Customer Service TOLL-FREE at 1-800-367-1492.

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