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Storefront Solutions Universal Prohibitive No Parking Sign

Storefront Solutions Universal Prohibitive No Parking Sign

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Storefront Solutions Universal Prohibitive No Parking Sign

Use this architectural header style prohibitive No Parking (Custom Copy XX) Sign to let driver know that this parking area is only for whatever you designate. Specify Custom Text when Ordering Universal Prohibitive No Parking Signs that allow customization.

  • Universal Prohibitive No Parking Sign Styles: (G) MUTCD Symbol & Words | (H) MUTCD Symbol & Words | (I) Symbol in Header & Words | (J) Architectural Header with Words & Symbol
  • Universal Prohibitive No Parking Sign Legends:
  • (S71) No Parking Any Time
  • (S711) No Parking Here to Corner
  • (S712) No Parking Between Signs
  • (S713) No Parking This Side of Street
  • (S7200) No Parking Fire Lane
  • (S7212) No Parking In Alley
  • (S7213) No Parking Violators Will Be Towed Away At The Owner's Expense
  • (S7215) No Parking This Side
  • (S7216) No Parking Service & Delivery Area
  • (S7220) No Parking Private Drive
  • (S7221) No Tractor Trailer Parking
  • (S7222) No Truck Parking
  • (S7224) No Parking In Driveway
  • (S7225) No Parking Overnight
  • (S7228) No Parking On Grass
  • (S7232) No Parking Beyond This Sign
  • (S7235) No Parking This Space Reserved
  • (S7236) No Parking Building Entrance
  • (S72T) No Parking Variable Times
  • (S74M) No Parking No Stopping No Standing
  • (S76) No Parking Loading Zone
  • (S77X) No Parking Variable XX Transit Zone
  • (S78X) No Parking Variable XX Street Sweeping
  • (S79X) No Parking Variable XX Garbage Collection
  • (SXXX) No Parking (Custom Copy XX)
  • Universal No Parking Sign Sizes* (XXXX): (1224) 12" x 24" | (1224) 12" x 24"
  • *See drop-downs on products to see sign sizes for each Universal Prohibitive No Parking sign style.
  • Reflective Sheeting (X): (H) High Intensity Prismatic
  • Substrate: .080" Aluminum
  • CPC Sign Designation for Universal Prohibitive No Parking Signs: SLSPJSXXX
  • Arrows: NONE | Left Arrow | Right Arrow | Double Arrow
  • Sign Mount Style: Standard Post Mount with 2 holes on 1" centers, located top and bottom, standard radius corners. NOTE: Hardware and u-bolt brackets, sold separately.
  • Optional Sign Mounting Options: Call Customer Service to order signs with these mounting options.
    --> Wall Mount - Standard radius corners, with 3/16" screw holes in all (4) corners.
    --> Architectural - Standard radius corners without holes. Add VHB Tape for a clean appearance without visible fasteners on the sign face.
  • Optional Sign Backer: Black Laminate Vinyl applied to the back of a sign provides a durable, cost effective yet classic feel for your ornamental system. Vinyl is not visible from the front side of the sign. Aluminum Plates and Steel Sign Frames also available. All sign backers are sold separately. click here
  • Standard Sign Colors: Traffic Green on White is MUTCD compliant and the standard CPC option available online.
  • Pick Your Own Colors Available by calling customer service @ 1-800-367-1492. Utilize the 20 colors on the CPC Standard Color Chart to custom design your sign colors. Start by choosing a color for the Legend (Copy/Graphics/Border) and then select a color for the background. The option to add a gold pin-striping to a white border is available at no extra charge.
    Examples show below. CPC Standard Color Chart view pdf | Universal Parking Sign Program Overview view pdf.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Noted Pantone equivalents are within a high tolerance color match standard, set by the CPC art department under neutral light conditions. Please note that all colors vary in appearance on different substrates and under different light conditions. Digital colors vary from screen to screen and should not be chosen by screen color when an exact match is required. If an exact color match is critical, further assistance and information regarding our Branding Program is available thru the customer service department. Call for pricing and details on the Branding Program and our Pantone color matching service options at 1-800-367-1492.
  • These Special Legend Universal Prohibitive No Parking Signs are made from D.O.T. grade reflective and aluminum, using the 3M Matched Component System by a 3M Certified Sign Fabricator, which results in the same 10 year outdoor warranty from 3M as a Federally regulated Traffic Sign!
  • Learn about Digitally Printed Traffic Signs YouTube Digitally Printed Signs
  • Installation Note: Nylon Washers are required to maintain 3M warranty when twist style fasteners are used to mount signs sheeted with Matched Component System Materials.

Federal Rules Impact on Private Property view pdf

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CPC Standard Color Chart
CPC Standard Color Chart view pdf | Universal Parking Sign Program Overview view pdf
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