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Diagonal (Left/Right) Down Arrow Warning Plaques

Diagonal (Left/Right) Down Arrow Warning Plaques

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MUTCD PART 2 - Chapter 2C

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Diagonal (Left/Right) Down Arrow Warning Plaques

Use the Diagonal (Left/Right) Down Arrow Warning Plaques to enhance the message of the sign.

  • Size (XXXX):
    24" x 12" for use on Single Lane/Multi-Lane Roads
    (3018) 30" x 18" Oversized for Enhanced Conspicuity
  • Arrow Direction (L/R): (L) Left | (R) Right Arrow
  • Yellow Reflective Sheeting (X):
    High Intensity Prismatic
    (3) DG3 Diamond Grade Cubed
    (3)A(Y) Fluorescent DG3 Diamond Grade Cubed
  • NOTE: A fluorescent yellow-green background color may be used for this plaque.
  • Fluorescent Yellow-Green Reflective Sheeting (X):
    DG3 Diamond Grade Cubed
  • Material: .080" Aluminum
  • MUTCD Sign Designations:
    W16-7PL - Diagonal Left Down Arrow
    W16-7PR - Diagonal Right Down Arrow
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