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Galvanized U Channel Posts

Galvanized U Channel Posts

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U-Channel Posts

Use the U-Channel Posts to mount outdoor traffic signs.

  • Most popular and widely used post system.
  • Manufactured using recycled railroad tracks.
  • Green posts are typically used in rural areas.
  • Galvanized posts are more popular for use in urban areas.
  • Powder painted posts are used for a decorative look in cities, towns, businesses, parks and recreation areas.
  • Posts are manufactured from high tensile steel.
  • Punched full length with 3/8" holes on 1" centers.
  • Measured by length and pounds per foot.
  • U-Channel posts are tapered on one end.
  • Other lengths and weights available in 50 piece bundles.
  • Use components to complete your system.
  • NOTE: Posts taller than 8ft must ship truck line. BEST PRACTICE: Avoid costly LTL truck line charges on small orders by ordering an 8ft post plus the corresponding breakaway system to save money and meet your desired sign mounting height.

Silver Finish

Green Finish

Semi-Gloss Powder Paint Finish
Part # Size Part # Size Part # Size
RPOCG0352* 3.5FT | 2LB RPOCP0352* 3.5FT | 2LB RPOCG0352* - Galv Silver 3.5FT | 2LB
RPOCG061 6FT | 1.12LB RPOCP061 6FT | 1.12LB OPOZARPOCP062BK - Black 6FT | 2LB
RPOCG071 7FT | 1.12LB RPOCP062 6FT | 2LB OPOZARPOCP082BK - Black 8FT | 2LB
RPOCG062 6FT | 2LB RPOCP072 7FT | 2LB OPOZARPOCP102BK - Black 10FT | 2LB
RPOCG082 8FT | 2LB RPOCP082 8FT | 2LB OPOZARPOCP122BK - Black 12FT | 2LB
RPOCG092 9FT | 2 LB RPOCP102 10FT | 2LB OPOZARPOCP123BK - Black 12FT | 3LB
RPOCG102 10FT | 2LB RPOCP122 12FT | 2LB    
RPOCG122 12FT | 2LB      
RPOCG123 12FT | 3LB        
RPOCG143 14FT | 3LB   * Base Posts for Breakaway Feature  

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