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Orange & White Vertical Panels for Temporary Traffic Control

Orange & White Vertical Panels for Temporary Traffic Control

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Orange & White Vertical Panels

Use the Orange & White Vertical Panels to help direct traffic around hazards and obstructions.

  • Stripe Direction (X): (L) Left | (R) Right
  • Size: 8" x 24" with 4" Stripes
  • Reflective Sheeting: Orange/White HIP
Vertical Panel

About Vertical Panels

Vertical Panels act similar to Object Markers in construction work zones to mark obstructions within or adjacent to the roadway construction.

About Stripes

The MUTCD (Manual for Traffic Control Devices) specifies sizes and color combos for Barricade Boards & Vertical Panels. Refer to the MUTCD for more information.

  • 4" Stripes: boards/panels that are 8-12" x 24" and smaller shall have 4" Stripes
  • 6" Stripes: boards/panels that are 8-12" x 36" and larger shall have 6" Stripes
  • Orange/White Stripes: indicate Temporary Traffic Control
  • NOTE: Rectangular Object Markers can NOT be rotated for use as both "left" and "right". There is a common misconception that “ALL” striped goods can be used for both “right” and “left” options by simply rotating them 180º. Shown Below: Rotate the “right” object marker or barricade board, it remains a “right”.
Object Marker Stripe Flipping


Construction Work Zone Products Guide

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