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Orange Wide Body Traffic Cones

Orange Wide Body Traffic Cones

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Orange Wide Body Traffic Cones

Help direct pedestrian and vehicle traffic with the use of Traffic Cones.

  • Material: Flexible PVC
  • Color: Orange with black base
  • Height/Weight (XXXX) of these Orange Traffic Cones: (1803) 18" High/3 lbs. | (2807) 28" High/7 lbs. | (2810) 28" High/10 lbs. | (3610) 36" High/10 lbs. | (3612) 36" High/12 lbs.
  • Body Style: Wide Body
  • Reflective Collars (XX): (R06) Reflective 6" Collars | (R46) Reflective HIP 4" and 6" Collars | (N) No Reflective Collars
  • Compatibility: Orange Cones are most often used in work zones and to mark hazards.
  • MASH Passed
  • Add a logo for an additional application fee per orange traffic cone by calling Customer Service at 1-800-367-1492.

About Channeling Devices

Channelizing devices include cones, tubular markers, vertical panels, drums, barricades, and longitudinal channelizing devices. The function of channelizing devices is to warn road users of conditions created by work activities in or near the roadway and to guide road users. Listed below are MUTCD highlights. Refer to MUTCD for more information.

Channelizer Cones
  • All channelizing devices shall be crashworthy.
  • Channelizing Cones shall be a minumum of 18" in height for daytime and low speed roadways under 40 mph. (See Figure 6F-7)
  • Channelizing Cones shall be a minumum of 28" in height with (2) stripes for night, freeway and high speed roadway over 45 mph. (See Figure 6F-7)
  • Stripes shall be 3" in size and meet minimum retroreflectivity standards. (See Figure 6F-7)
  • Warning lights may be added to channelizing devices for added driver visibility.

Construction Work Zone Products Guide

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