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Speed Limit Sign for Temporary Traffic Control

Speed Limit Sign for Temporary Traffic Control

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MUTCD PART 6 - Chapter 6F.01 - 6F.59

Temporary Traffic Control Signs view pdf | view table 6F.1
Quick Reference: Sign Sizes for Roadway Type view chart

Speed Limit Sign for Temporary Traffic Control

Use the Speed Limit Sign for Temporary Traffic Control to let people know the speed limit for this section of the road.

  • Size (XXXX):
    24" x 30" for use on Conventional^ Single Lane Roads
    (3036+) 30" x 36" for use on Multi-Lane Roads/Oversized for Enhanced Conspicuity
    (3648) 36" x 48" for use on Expressway
    (4860+) 48" x 60" for use on Freeway
  • NOTES:
    ^ Conventional Roads include Single and Multi-Lane Roads.
    * Denotes there is a different minimum size required for multi-lane roads from Table 2B-1.
    + Denotes sizes from Table 2B-1 not listed for road types in Table 6F-1. | view table 2B.1
  • Legend (XXXX):
    5 MPH
    (R2110) 10 MPH
    (R2115) 15 MPH
    (R2120) 20 MPH
    (R2125) 25 MPH
    (R2130) 30 MPH
    (R2135) 35 MPH
    (R2140) 40 MPH
    (R2145) 45 MPH
    (R2150) 50 MPH
    (R2155) 55 MPH
    (R2160) 60 MPH
    (R2165) 65 MPH
    (R2170) 70 MPH
    (R2175) 75 MPH
    (R21B) Blank MPH
  • Reflective Sheeting (X): (H) High Intensity Prismatic | (3) DG3 Diamond Grade
  • Substrate: .080" Aluminum
  • MUTCD Sign Designation: R2-1
  • Learn about Digitally Printed Traffic Signs YouTube Digitally Printed Signs

About Regulatory Signs

Regulatory signs are mostly a combination of black, white and red colors. They communicate “the rules of the road “ - the laws and regulations. Refer to the MUTCD for more information.

Replacement Requirements*

Regulatory signs are important to maintain as the absence of, or damage to, could quickly result in or contribute to a severe crash. Damaged or missing regulatory signs should be replaced or repaired within hours of the agency having notice of them missing, down or damaged.
* Maintenance of signs and sign support: FHWA-SA-09-025

About Speed Limit Signs

MUTCD 2009 Section 2B.13 p. 56

  • Minimum Sign Size for Enhanced Conspicuity: 24" x 30"
  • The Speed Limit sign shall display the limit established by law, ordinance, regulation, or as adopted by the authorized agency based on the engineering study.
  • The speed limits displayed shall be in multiples of 5 mph.
  • Speed Limit signs shall be located at the points of change from one speed limit to another.
  • Additional Speed Limit signs shall be installed beyond major intersections and at other locations where it is necessary to remind road users of the speed limit that is applicable.
  • Speed Limit signs indicating the statutory speed limits shall be installed at entrances to the State.

Are Your Signs Bright Enough?

We recommend 3M DG3 Diamond Grade or HIP for all Regulatory Signs for the best overall value and warranty included.

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