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Standard Full Size Wind Deflectable Sign Stand

Standard Full Size Wind Deflectable Sign Stand

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Standard Full-Size Wind Deflectable Sign Stand

For use with 36" & 48" Roll-Up and Rigid Signs in no wind to high wind speed conditions on low to high volume, 2 or 4-lane roads.

  • PRODUCT ID: RPOTTCS2SZ4602S (5'/60") - Dual Springs
  • Above Grade Clearance: 5 foot / 60 inches
  • Folded Size: 9" x 12" x 80"
  • Weight: 48 lbs.
  • PRODUCT ID: RPOTTCS2SZ4842S (7'/84") - Dual Springs
  • Above Grade Clearance: 7 foot / 84 inches
  • Folded Size: 9" x 12" x 89"
  • Weight: 50 lbs.
  • Sign Attachment Bracket Options: Rigid or Rigid/Roll-Up Sign Brackets, select options when ordering.
  • Compatibility: The Full-Size Stand is designed to accommodate roll-up, aluminum, plywood, plastic and aluminum laminate signs with appropriate sign attachment brackets.
  • Holds up to 3 flags, sold separately.
  • Specially designed heavy-duty dual springs will give you years of use without developing any memory or sag.
  • Bright orange, powder coated legs allow the sign stand to be seen from highways to city sidewalks.
  • Features a breakaway base and bolt on telescoping mast.
  • Sign-Holders for Rigid and/or Roll-Up Signs included and offer maximum versatility.
  • The dual pull pin/kick release lever allows each leg to be deployed by either pulling the pin by hand or by stepping on the kick release at the user’s option.
  • Readily available replacement parts and simple nut and bolt construction allow for fast repairs for worn or damaged parts. Component parts can be replaced easily in the field, using simple hand tools!
  • NOTE: This Full-Size Sign Stand is MASH (Call for Tested/Passed Status) for use with ALL Rigid and/or Roll-Up Signs.
Full Size Sign Stand

About Sign Stands

All portable sign stands used in temporary traffic control areas MUST be MASH passed. Refer to the MUTCD and AASHTO/FHWA Joint Implementation Agreement for more information.

  • The minimum of above grade clearance for sign stands is 12” above the traveled roadway.
  • Sign stands that do not meet the mounting heights of 5ft or 7ft should not be used for a duration of more than 3 days and are recommended for “short term” or “daylight operations”.
  • Ground mounted sign supports are ideal for projects lasting more than 3 consecutive days.
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