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Enhanced Conspicuity for School Signs

School sign messages are extremely important to convey to roadway users in order to maintain safety in school zones. MUTCD compliant enhanced conspicuity products including Blinker Beacons, Supplemental Beacons, Safety Flags & Brackets, Supplemental Plaques, Brite-Max Reflectors & Delineators and High Visibility Blinker Signs.

Blinker Beacons
Type B LED Warning Light
Type B Solar LED Warning Light Trickle Charge D Cell
Type B Solar LED Warning Light Fully Solar Power Battery
Premium Type B Fully Solar LED Warning Light
FYG Single Arrow Supplemental Plaques
FYG Advance 90 Degree (Left/Right) Arrow Supplemental Plaques
FYG Diagonal (Left/Right) Down Arrow Supplemental Plaques
FYG Ahead Supplemental Plaques
FYG School Supplemental Plaques
FYG All Year Supplemental Plaques
FYG XXX FEET Supplemental Plaques
FYG XXX FT Supplemental Plaques
Fines Higher Supplemental Plaques for School Zones
MON thru FRI Supplemental Plaques
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