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Traffic Buttons & Jiggle Bars

Traffic (Ceramic) Buttons and Jiggle Bars provide visibility in the daytime. Traffic (Ceramic) Buttons and Jiggle Bars "rumble" to alert drivers when changing lanes. Traffic (Ceramic) Buttons, Jiggle Bars, and Ceramic Pavement Markers are a great alternative to painted stripes and last 3-4 times longer. Ceramic Traffic Marker Buttons and Jiggle Bars are cost effective and durable.

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Ceramic (Jiggle Bar) Markers [BOX of 12]
Ceramic (4" Round) Reflective Markers [BOX of 40]
Ceramic (4" Round) Non Reflective Markers [BOX of 50]
Ceramic (6" Round) Markers [BOX of 12]
Ceramic (8" Round) Markers
Non Reflective White Ceramic (4" Oblong) Markers [BOX of 50]
Non Reflective Polypropylene Traffic (Round Button) Markers
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