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Forest Service Roll Up Sign Faces

Forest Service Roll Up Sign Faces

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Forest Service Roll-Up Sign Faces

Use our Forest Service Roll-Up Sign Faces to follow the guidelines for Forest Service (2103).

  • Pink reflective roll-up forest service signs follow standards set in the Sign Guidelines for Forest Service (2013) view pdf

  • Diamond Sizes (XX): (36) 36" | (48) 48"
  • Legends (LEGEND):
    (FW218) Fire Activity Ahead
    (FW286A) Fire Traffic Entering Road
    (FW254) Helicopter Operations
    (FW253) Rock and Rolling Debris
    (FW251) Smoke Limited Visibility

  • Rectangle Size (XX): (3618) 36" x 18"
  • Legends (LEGEND):
    (FG205) End Fire Activity

  • Rectangle Sizes (XX): (3624) 36" x 24"
  • Legends (LEGEND):
    (FG213) Wash Area with Arrow
    (FG217) Dip Site with Arrow
    (FG215) Helibase with Arrow
    (FG216) Fuel with Arrow
    (FG217A) Fill Site with Arrow

  • Square Sizes (XX): (3636) 36" x 36"
  • Legends (LEGEND):
    (FG211) Spike Camp with Arrow
    (FG211A) Incident Base Ahead
    (FG211) Incident Base with Arrow
    (FG214) Staging Arrow with Arrow
    (FG2111) Managed Burn Do Not Report
  • Sign Face Reflective Material (H) Super Brite High Intensity
  • Rib Pockets: Standard Vinyl Pockets on Sign Faces for Standard Fiberglass Ribs, sold separately.
  • Compatibility: Standard Sign Faces for use with Standard Fiberglass Ribs on Sign Stands with Roll-Up Sign Attachment. Fiberglass Ribs and Sign Stands, Sold Separately.
  • Pink Reflective is the approved MUTCD color material for all Incident Management areas.
  • USDA Forest Service roll-up signs may be used by jurisdictions other than USDA Forest Service as well.
  • To stay in compliance with the MUTCD requirements for crashworthy sign supports in temporary traffic control, we recommend using Fluorescent Pink Reflective Roll-Up Signs in conjunction with NCHRP-350 approved Sign Stands (see Related Products).
  • CUSTOM LEGENDS: MUTCD temporary traffic control orange sign legends are also available on the pink reflective material. Artwork charges may apply. Call for details and a customized quote.

About Incident Management

  • The National Incident Management System (NIMS) requires the use of the Incident Command System (ICS) at traffic incident management scenes.
  • A traffic incident is an emergency road user occurrence, a natural disaster, or other unplanned event that affects or impedes the normal flow of traffic.
  • All appropriate public and private agencies should train personnel in standard Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) set-up and safety practices.
  • All traffic control devices needed to set up the Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) during an incident should be readily available, so that they can be quickly deployed.
  • Refer to the MUTCD and Sign Guidelines for Forest Service for more information.

About Roll-Up Signs

  • Incident Management Roll-up signs may have pink backgrounds and black legends.
  • Pink Roll-Up Signs are used as temporary signage in emergency management situations.
  • Roll-Up signs MUST be used on crashworthy sign stands in temporary traffic control zones.
  • Pink Roll-Up Signs like Orange Roll-Up Signs and Rigid Signs have above grade clearance guidelines. view graphic
  • Non-reflective signs are for daytime use only and non-compliant in some states.
  • All Roll-Up Signs used at night MUST be retro-reflective.
  • Refer to the MUTCD for more information.

Size Requirements

Incident Management Signs have the same requirements as Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) Work Zone Signs.
WORK ZONE SIGNS: Single/Multi 36" x 36" | Expressway 48" x 48"

NOTE: 30" x 30" WORK ZONE SIGNS are no longer permitted on many roads.

Are Your Signs Bright Enough?

All Roll-Up Signs used at night MUST be retro-reflective.

Are you sign supports crashworthy?

All sign supports within temporary traffic control areas must be crashworthy. Choose a NCHRP-350 approved sign stand for all roll-up signs.

Our trained customer service team can assist you to ensure all of your Temporary Traffic Control products for Incident Management meet MUTCD standards.

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