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Incident Management

Incident Management is a traffic area of highway where temporary traffic controls are installed in response to a road user incident, natural disaster, hazardous material spill, or other unplanned incident. Incident Management extends from the first warning device to the last or to a point where vehicles return to the original lane alignment and are clear of the incident. Three Incident Management classes are: Major - Expected duration of more than 2 hours, Intermediate - Expected duration of 30 minutes to 2 hours, and Minor - Expected duration under 30 minutes. Fluorescent Pink for incident management signs is recommended by the MUTCD to warn motorists in advanced.
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Custom Legend Cone Signs
Standard Legend Cone Signs
Barrier Tape
Collapsible Traffic Cones (Set of 5 ) with Storage Bag Kit
T CAP Caution Tape Adapter
Cone Bars
Cone Weights
Compact Wrap & Roll Incident Management Signs with Ribs
14" Long LED Baton (3 Function Red)
Incident Management Kit for Conventional Roads
LED Road Flares
Stop Sign
Incident Management Special Legend Aluminum Signs
Roll Up Sign Storage Bags
Standard Incident Management Roll Up Faces
15" Long LED Baton (4 Function Red/White)
Collapsible Traffic Cone with Internal LED Light
Incident Management Kit for All Roads including Interstates
Compact Sign System Storage Bag
Forest Service Roll Up Sign Faces
Standard Compact Non Wind Deflectable Sign Stand
21" Long LED Baton (6 Function Red/Green/Blue)
Type I and II Plasticade Barricades
Fiberglass Roll Up Sign Ribs for Roll Up Sign Faces (Incident Management)
Flag Assembly
MDI Windmaster® Sign Stand 5012MSS
Sign Sleeves for Plasticade Type I and II Folding Barricades
Type B LED Warning Light
Brite Max Utility View Reflective Flexible Bands
Type B Solar LED Warning Light Trickle Charge D Cell
Compact Wrap & Roll Stop Signs with Ribs
Premium Zephyr Portable Sign Stand
MDI Windmaster® Sign Stand 3612DLK
Premium Type B Fully Solar LED Warning Light
Class 2 Economy Hi Visibility 5 Point Breakaway Vests
Class 2 Premium Hi Visibility 5 Point Breakaway Vests
CLASS 3 (Type R) Premium Hi Visibility 5 Point Breakaway Vests
Vehicle Hitch Mount Sign Holder
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